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The Paradise That Devours Time! The Terrifying Tale of Urashima Taro


Discover the haunting tale of Urashima Taro, a story that seems heartwarming at first but reveals a terrifying fate. Our latest short video delves into the myth of Urashima Taro, a kind-hearted fisherman who saves a turtle and is taken to the enchanting underwater palace of Ryugu-jo.

At first, the palace appears to be a paradise, filled with luxurious feasts and dancing fish. But as Urashima Taro spends his days in this otherworldly realm where time flows differently, an eerie unease begins to creep in. Longing for home, he decides to return, only to receive a mysterious box from the princess, with a stern warning to never open it.

Upon his return to his village, Urashima Taro finds everything changed, and everyone he knew gone. In a state of fear and confusion, he opens the box, releasing a white smoke that instantly ages him. The joyful days in Ryugu-jo had consumed hundreds of years in real time.

This tale illustrates the horror of distorted time and reality. The beauty of Ryugu-jo hides the inescapable past and lost years that haunt Urashima Taro. The video reveals that what seemed like paradise is actually a nightmarish labyrinth where time and reality are twisted beyond recognition.

Watch our short video to experience the full story of Urashima Taro’s terrifying journey and the unexpected consequences of his time in Ryugu-jo. This timeless legend is brought to life with captivating visuals and a haunting narrative that will leave you pondering the passage of time and the nature of reality.


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